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Ray Fehrenbach, CPC, President

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Manufacturing Engineer

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Manufacturing Engineer for an international, multi plant manufacturer with a plant in Burlington, IA. This plant has 300 employees with a low turnover and is the largest manufacturer of spark plugs in the world. The Engineer is responsible for applying engineering principles and analytical techniques to establish and continuously improve manufacturing processes and products. Functions may include selecting machines, acquiring capital equipment, tooling, and the sequence of operations necessary to perform production and assembly operations. Scrap reduction project experience, process capability monitoring and utilizing good tooling background to assist in improving operations is critical. The ceramic portions of the spark plugs are received from other Company facilities. The qualified candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and 2-5 years manufacturing engineering experience. Mechanical engineering or industrial engineering is preferred. Demonstrated knowledge/experience in a lean manufacturing environment, engineering design, tooling design and quality control techniques is preferred. Additionally experience with metals forming/cutting or precision welding and/or work with automated assembly processes is desired. Must have a working knowledge and skills in MS Office applications, AutoCAD or ProE/Creo, excellent communication skills (verbal and written) and demonstrated computer skills are required. Our client will relocate from all sections of the US.

Salary :

To $80,000